Saturday, March 21 2020 12:26 PM

How to Win Big in the Current Situation

IMD's & Million Dollar Earners, Peter Powderham & Shush Arya

From every adversity comes an equal or greater opportunity”

When something goes wrong something goes great After the corona Virus pandemic is over people will absolutely need a vacation.

Invite: “Hey how are you doing with everything going on? We have a lot going on right now with our company we are choosing to look towards the future. We have a whole bunch of people that are about to get registered with us and wanted to know if you wanted to get in ahead of them? Because you are one of the people I’ve always wanted to work with I’m reaching out. If not all good I have several others to show. We have a well-oiled machine I’ve been on the phone all day and yesterday with people who need hope and are looking for a way to make money from home.” 

UPDATE: What’s up with WV CEO change and why this a good thing? When there’s security people are less open to taking a look. When they are afraid people are more open. General from the war of Normandie told his soldiers. “Two types of people: those that are going to die and those who are going to die fighting... now get out there and fight!” You can lay down because of the current pandemic or choose to fight right now for your future... Not wait till it’s over, but do something right now. 

4 Easy Steps

  1. Make a new list
  2. Contact them and see if they are open to looking 
  3. Show them
  4. Teach them to do the same