– Validate them
– Neutralize –Validate what they said

1. I’m with you

2. I understand I get what you’re saying

3. I get that

4. Thanks for sharing that with me

5. I get what you’re saying

6. I really appreciate you sharing that with me

7. Me too! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it.

8. That’s exactly why you need to look at this company

9. Can I ask you a question? How does that make you feel?

10. Are you willing to stay with what you’re doing and have to have this conversation a year from now?

11. So which one do you think would be the right move for you tonight?

12. Next Move is yours

13. Are you with me?

14. What move do you think will be a better move for you at this time?

15. What do you think the best move is for you going forward?