Here are some things you can say when they ask, “What is it?”

1. Worthwhile, valuable to me when I saw it, It’s worth looking at

2. Do I have enough credibility to get 45 minutes of your time?

3. My suggestion is to take a look at it, it’s something we have been looking for…  for a really long time.

4. A way to get out of the rat race

5. It’s  BIG

6. A chance to do it over and get it right this time

7. It could change the direction of your life

8. It’s a lifeline. In today’s economy if someone’s offering you a lifeline- reach out and grab it. I  don’t know if there are any other offers on the line

9. 2nd chance to get it right

10. It’s 90% visual It’s like a  movie…

11. I  can’t explain it over the phone. It’s like a movie…  I can’t explain it standing right here.

12. It’s  a  chance  to  get  your  self-respect back [self-confidence, dreams, self-esteem]

13. Security that a lot of  people  don’t  have  right  now

14. Personal independence

15. More time with family

16. Personal wealth

17. Freedom and a Better future

18. Improved life

19. When my friend told me… it was completely worth my time when I found out what it was.

20. Only promotion, only raise the only job that you might get offered this year.

21. I wasn’t open to things in the past but now I am and things are changing for me